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[Advent Project] Advent: Sacred Ground

My (possibly) final version of Advent. This is the first episode out of three. It's expected to have 19 in-story days.
This will update whenever I get to it. LAST UPDATE: 9/28/11

Now, without further ado, click the cut link to begin reading.

DAY 1 - 9:31 PM - Slant Police Station, Slant, Japan

"It's Code Blue, now. If you see any mysterious activity, feel free to arrest them. The situation is serious. I'm putting Fujishima in the lead. He's a rookie, but skilled. He won't let anyone down, am I right, Tomoki?"

"You can count on me, Captain."

"Alright. Dismissed."

My name is Tomoki Fujishima. Recently promoted to Detective. Skilled since childhood in solving mysteries others couldn't. Now my ultimate challenge lies ahead of me... Girls with Neutral Auras have been recently kidnapped. So far, no one has come forward with info, so my unit has pulled out Code Blue, which basically means that if you seem suspicious, you'll be arrested. A waste of time and resources, I agree. But the force no longer has a choice.

I leave the station and hop into my car. As soon as I turn on my new blue car, I hear the playful voice of Yayoi Takatsuki singing into my ears on the radio. Wonderful voice. 765 Productions really know how to pick their idols.

"Next up on Slant Radio 320.12, we'll continue the 765Pro marathon with 'Arcadia' by Chihaya Kisaragi. Stay tuned!" Commercials play.

Of all of the idols, I like Kisaragi and Yukiho Hagiwara the best. It would be great to act as their bodyguards.

While the commercials play, my cell phone rings. It's my partner, Carla Sakurai, who's also been recently promoted to Detective.

"What's going on?" I ask.
"Mainly nothing except the fact that I just got a boyfriend!" She says cheerfully.
"That's great news!"
"I hope you'll get to meet him soon. Anyway, what are your plans for tomorrow?"
"I'm planning to hopefully get some info, any at all, at Slant Academy."
"Good plan. Tomorrow is my day off."
"Lucky. I'll call you tomorrow. Good night."
"Good night, Tomoki."

I hang up. It's wonderful that she got a boyfriend. Now we'll see if I can get a girl for myself...

Arcadia starts playing on the radio...

I arrive at my home. A rather nice place with a cube design element. I finish listening to Arcadia and exit my car. I enter my house. I see a rather unpleasant sight. A message from my ex-girlfriend, Sohara Makoto.

"Tomoki, I just wanted to say what a fool you are. You get a girl that's perfect for you, and what do you do? You left me for nothing! I'm just--"

I end the message. I didn't want to hear anymore. I put in a CD by Yukiho Hagiwara. 'Kosmos, Cosmos' starts playing. I finish listening and shortly go to bed...

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 1 - Code Blue

DAY 2 - 5:15 AM - Tomoki's Home, Slant Rural Area

I awake to a knock at the door. I bet it's Sohara, stalking me like usual...

I peer out of the window. It's actually Carla. She looks concerned.

I open the door and greet her.

"Tomoki, your ex found me. She won't leave me alone!" Carla shouts in distress.
I sigh. "Sohara, get your ass out here!" I shout out. A rather angry Sohara appears out behind a bush. Not the most creative hiding place ever, but I have to admit, I didn't see it coming.

"Leave before I arrest you for harassment. I'll have you know that Code Blue is in effect." I shout out in frustration.

She puts on a pouty look before storming off in her green convertible.

"Damn it. I'll probably sue later."
"...Why did you leave her...?" Carla finally said.
"I left her because she was obsessive with me. She wouldn't leave me alone, even when I told her to give me some space. When I told her to hit the road, she freaked out. She keeps leaving me harassing messages via e-mail and phone. I had to change my e-mail address, and my phone number because of her."
"..." Carla stares at me with an slightly agreed look.

"Anyway, I'm headed home. Try to get your Sohara situation taken care of. I'll be in touch."
"I will, and see you later."

Carla walks off to her light green motorcycle. She waves good-bye and rides off into the sunrise.

...I'm too tired for this. I'm going back to bed.

- 7:10 AM -

I wake up to my alarm, the way it should be. Yukiho is singing 'Massugu' as my alarm clock. I quickly get up, stop the alarm, get dressed and finally drive to Slant Academy.

Once I arrive, I see that not many students are outside, which I find strange, considering that morning classes aren't suppose to start until 8:00 AM.

"...What's up, Detective?"

I look at the person who greeted me. She's a short girl, around 5'1", has blue hair that grows to her shoulders and blue eyes and clothing to match.

"Hello, I'm trying to get info about the kidnapper."
"Good luck with that. Not many people will just open up to Detectives right away. I can help you with that." She says.
"Hmmm... I'll try without any help for now, but I'll take up your offer later. Who are you?"
She introduces herself. "I'm Serene Nakagawa."
"I'm Tomoki Fujishima. Your Aura Type?"
"I don't have an Aura... Strange, I know."
"Not to me... I have the same problem..."

All people are born with an Aura, many already set as Neutral Type. Your Aura is typed by the actions you do. Mainly a life Karma system. Good deeds will earn you a Justice Aura, a green flame. Justice Auras are a main requirement to join the police force. Although in rare cases, the forces will accept a Neutral or no Aura at all. An Evil Aura is based on horrible deeds, like organized crime, or mass murder. It shows a red flame. Neutral is a white flame. Legend has it that there is a fourth type of Aura called the Legacy Aura. No one has it.

The case with me is that, I'm not born with an Aura. My father had an Evil Aura and my mother an Justice Aura, but I don't think that's the case.

...I need to focus on Serene.

"You too? You're the only person I know that doesn't have one either." Serene looked surprised.
"I know, even the doctors were surprised."
"Anyway, the kidnapper only gets girls with a Neutral Aura. I find it strange he doesn't go for anyone else. I've even seen a couple of glimpses of them too."
"There's more than one!?"
"Yeah, but I can't really remember what they exactly what they look like, so I don't think I can help you much." Serene said sadly.
"...I think other students can tell me with your help."
"Even with my help, I doubt they'll say much. They don't even know there's more than one kidnapper."
"Well... Thanks for telling me. Can you do me a favor?"
"Sure, anything."
"Can you ask around for any info to help me out?"
"I can try."

I gave her my phone number and she put it in her pocket.

"I'll call when I find something."
"Thanks for your help."
"See you later!"

- 4:39 PM, Tomoki's Home -

I decide to report my findings to Carla.

"What...!?" She exclaimed when I told her about the possibility of more kidnappers.
"I didn't really believe it, either."
"What's our next step?"
"Wait until Serene calls me back."
"How old is she?" Carla gets curious.
"Don't get any funny ideas. We've only just met."
"Well, you should get ready for patrol..."
"Did you forget already? We've just been promoted to Detective. You don't need to patrol anymore."
"Well, I'm going to look around anyway."
"I think I should, as well. Get some fresh air and time to think."
"Okay. See you later, Tomoki."
"Good-bye, Carla."

I decided to head out for a drive.

- 8:57 PM, Slant Local Roads -

Serene said that there were more than one kidnapper. But the lack of eyewitness accounts strike me as odd. Can I really trust Serene...? What bothers me further is that Serene knows that there are more kidnappers, but with her laid-back personality she somehow forgets what they look like. Maybe I should call her about them. ...She's probably asleep, anyway. I'll find her at the academy tomorrow.

I hear the voice of Miki Hoshii on the radio. I had the opportunity to meet her once. A little bit of an airhead, but she's kind-spirited, with a Justice Aura to prove it.

After some more thinking, I decided to head home.

- 10:32 PM, Tomoki's Home -

After some preparations, I finally decide to call it a night.

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 2 - Slant Academy

- DAY 3 - 12/15 - 6:45 AM - Tomoki's Home -

I awake to a startling bad dream. Something about awakening to something... But what does it mean...? ...A half-hour of sleep left. I decided to wake up anyway and eat some breakfast.

- Strike Cafe, Slant, South of the Slant Control Tower -

I casually order a small black coffee and enjoy the time I have until my daily shift begins. All of a sudden, my phone rings... It's Carla.

"What's going on...?" I ask her.
"I-I... I don't know what happened...! It just happened so fast!" She sounded frightened.
"Calm down! Start from the beginning."
"O-okay...," Carla calms down.
"I was going to see Serene at Slant Academy. But as I was preparing for my shift, I found that Serene was being grabbed on camera."
"Wait, you saw camera footage of her...? Where!?"
"Code Blue enables us to get every single camera in the city to monitor."
"Well, it looks like that Code Blue paid off. Where is Serene!?"
"She's still struggling at the academy. The strange thing is that no one is out to hear her cries for help. I could hear her from the station for crying out loud!"
"I'm on my way!!"

I abandoned my coffee and went straight to my car. I turn on the light and siren, then I gunned it. Serene's my only lead, and I'll be damned if I lose her...

- Slant Academy, 7:02 AM -

Once I got to campus, I could still hear Serene screaming for help. Her voice was weak...

Once I approached, a man was holding a handgun to Serene's head.

"Don't come any closer!! I'll blow her brains out!" The kidnapper demanded.
"Why are you doing this!?" I shouted out.
"It's not up to me to decide. I only get paid to grab the girls they want."
"I won't say! Think I'm gullible, huh?"

Using the 'look over there' trick won't work with this guy. I didn't know what to do...

All of a sudden, I could hear a police siren in the distance. No doubt in my mind that it was Carla.

I turned away from the kidnapper to see who it was. Then, all of a sudden...

"Tomoki!!!" Serene screamed out.

I was shot in the heart. I fell to the ground, and Serene was again in danger of being taken like the other girls...

The strange thing was that my wound has blue flames seeping out of it. Then 'Arcadia' started to play in my mind. My field of vision now had a light blue halo around it, kinda like I was in tunnel vision...

I could feel strength gathering inside me. My pain was fading like I wasn't even shot. I could get up now. The kidnapper picked up Serene and was carrying her away to wherever he was taking her.

I got up, grabbed my handgun and aimed.

"Stop now!" I shouted out.
The kidnapper turned around in surprise.
"B-but I killed you! What is that blue flame!? Are you a demon!?"
He fired five rounds. I felt them hit me, but I didn't feel any pain at all. I could see the the bullets attached to my jacket.
"I said stop!!" I fired one shot. The bullet hit his head. He fell to the ground, dropping Serene.

She was in shock over what just happened. She walked away, knelt down, put her hands in her face and cried in panic.

Carla walked towards me.

"Are you okay!?" Carla asked me.
"I'm fine. But I'll need a lift to Trinity."
"I can do that... Your eyes... Is this your Aura...?"
"I guess so... I don't know what it is, though..."
"I'll get an ambulence ready."

I walked to Serene, who was still in shock.

"I'll take you somewhere safe." I said calmly.
"Okay..." She said through her tears.

- 8:32 PM - Trinity Hospital, Northern Slant -

Since I was shot with a bullet, I had to stay there for a few days due to my condition. My Aura abilities wore off, and immense pain was once again attacking my chest. Serene was sitting with me, as the local surgeon gets ready to perform a procedure to remove the bullet.

Once I was under... I couldn't wake up for another 11 hours...

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 3 - Awakening -

- DAY 4 - Trinity Hospital - Northern Slant -
- 7:19 AM - Room 290 - Tomoki's Hospital Room -

I awake to a TV with a music video of Chihaya singing. It reminded myself about that conflict with Serene's kidnapper. 'Arcadia' was playing in my mind and I wasn't even thinking about it. Then my Aura kicked in like adrenaline. I notice Serene and Carla talking to each other. It was a couple of minutes before Serene noticed that I woke up.

"Morning, sleepyhead." Serene said.
"Good morning, Tomoki." Carla said cheerfully.
"Morning, you two." I said.
"So, Tomoki, what was that blue flame...? Was that... your Aura?" Carla said with concern.
"I guess. I have no idea what it was, though."
"Maybe a visit to the library will help us with that, though." Serene said casually.

- 2:11 PM -

"Okay, all you need to do is to get some much deserved bed rest, Mr. Fujishima." My doctor said.
"Good, I need some paid leave." I said gleefully.
"Heh, don't count on much of it. You'll only need 5 days to fully recover."
"Oh well. Good things don't last forever." I said thank you to the doctor and left the hospital. My next stop is to meet Serene at the library.

- Slant Library - Eastern Slant, near Hagiwara Mall -

"Okay, Legacy Auras were identified as a light blue flame. That fits your Aura profile perfectly." Serene said while reading a large history book.
"So in a nutshell, I'm a legend in the making, right?"
"Basically. The first one to awaken to it can also awaken others to their Legacy Aura. That person is called the First Legacy."
"Really...? Maybe you're a Legacy as well...?"
"Hey, you still don't know how to activate your Aura. Don't make any rash decisions!" Serene said with a sheepish look.
"Don't worry. Once I learn how to properly activate it, we'll give it a shot. All you need to do is to study it more for me."
"That I can do."
"I'm going on a drive, you want to come with me?"
"Sure, we can think together."

- 4:59 PM - Slant Local Roads - Near Tomoki's Home -

"Since your conflict with my kidnapper, I saw a badge that signifies that he was an employee at the Command Tower at the middle of Slant. I think that's where the kidnappers are taking the girls." Serene said.
"Somewhere in the Tower, huh...? Even the police force doesn't know much about it..."
"Either way, it's worth a look."
"I don't know how my Captain will say about it, though..."
"Maybe he'll agree with you."
"I can ask sometime this week, but still."

- 6:32 PM - Serene Nakagawa's Home - Northern Slant - Next to Slant Academy -

"Thanks for taking me home, Tomoki." Serene said with a smile on her face.
"No problem."
"Thank you for saving me from death. I thought I was a goner."
"It was the only thing I could do to save your life, even if it meant losing my own."
Serene blushed. "...Really...? I'm... flattered..."
She quickly got out of the car, said goodbye and went inside. I only pondered with what I just said... I left shortly after.

- 9:11 PM - Tomoki's Home -

Since I got a few days off, I might as well get some fun at home. I almost put in a movie when I spotted a letter for me, from... Chihaya Kisaragi?

"Dear Tomoki Fujishima,

I need to keep this brief. I need your help for an assignment: to guard me from the Control Tower of Slant from taking me to their experiment rooms. Since I have no Aura, I fear that I may be a target... Please respond with your decision soon. I can be reached at the phone number enclosed.

Sincerely, Chihaya Kisaragi"

This... I don't know what to say... Maybe she knows more about the interior about the Slant Tower... But how does she know me...?

I'll need to write a reply to her soon...

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 4 - Legacy

- DAY 5 - Tomoki's Home - 8:34 AM -

I wake up to knocking. No doubt in my mind it's Sohara. I peer out the window and see that it's her. I open the door.

"Go away. I'm not in the mood to deal with your crap." I slam the door and set up my security system, which I never really use until now. Mainly because of Sohara.

I decide that I'll try to manually activate Aura. After Sohara left for her home, I decide to head into the backyard.

My house is a rather fancy place, despite my lousy detective salary. It was given to me by the Mayor of Slant due to my heroic efforts in the Battle of the Maidens, a conflict I'd rather forget...

There's a waterfall next to my home. A rather relaxing noise to concentrate on cases and focus. I'll need it for what I'm going to try...

I repeat the situation at Slant Academy in my mind. I got shot, I fell on my back, and then 'Arcadia' played in my mind. That was when my Aura awakened... I tried to think of 'Arcadia'.

Kaze wa ten o kaketeku
Hikari wa chi o terashiteku

I can feel it...! But I need more concentration...!

Hito wa yume o idaku
Sou nazuketa monogatari

I feel it more intensely now...! But I still need more concentration... What is 'Arcadia' trying to teach me!?


The flame! I did it...! Let's see what it can do... I set up a battle training program for myself to test Aura.

"Round one. Begin Training." An automated voice tells me. Holograms of thugs begin running towards me. I set up Aura and shoved my fist into the holograms. Flames shot out of my hands and damaged the thugs. Once there were confirmed 'kills,' the holograms disappear.

"That all you got!?" I shout out.

- 5:13 PM -

"Training Over. Rounds completed: 37."

I'm exhausted. I now have Aura, and can also control it. Now, to see what that 'Aura Frequency' is...

I see a 'Display' setting on my glasses, like the whole Aura experience was like a video game. I stare at it for three seconds and then a whole menu appeared. The Display was set on 'Detective Mode.' It looked like it can take notes, review evidence, and recall interrogations I've conducted. It also has a 'Call' function. I decided to activate it.

Aura can be used as a phone, memo, and a whole lot of other features. Aura research has really progressed since it's discovery of it's usefulness back in 2019. Now it's 2068, and technology has also enhanced, as well, like a new energy use for spent uranium rods, replacing crude oil, and many new cures to previous 'incurable' diseases.

'Aura Frequency' refers to the point of contacting someone via phone using Aura. Aura goes into the phone lines and goes directly into the target contact's phone. My Aura Frequency is 257.000.

- 8:21 PM -

I finally decided to contact Chihaya Kisaragi, seeing that she's worried about her life. I went to 'Call' on my glasses' HUD, and dialed in 239.102. Pretty soon, I hear a phone ring. Since it's late, I assume that Chihaya is sleeping. I was right as the call went to voicemail.

"Hello, this is Chihaya Kisaragi's cell phone. I'm not availible right now, as I might be doing a show, talking with my Producer about future shows, or sleeping. Please leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you." Chihaya's pre-recorded voice says.

"Hello, Chihaya. It's Detective Tomoki Fujishima, calling in question about your request. I'll happily accept, but I'll need to meet you in person for more info. Please call me on Aura Frequency 257.000 with your meeting info. Many thanks." I say as a message.

I also decided to call Serene up to see if she can get my calls. I ring her up...

"Hello? Who is this...?" Serene asks.
"It's me, Tomoki."
"Oh, did you manage to control your Aura?"
"I can do that now. Want to try awakening to your Aura tomorrow?"
"Sure. I'll be free with at 5:00 PM tomorrow. I'll be there."
"Okay, goodbye Serene."
"Good night, Tomoi..." Serene said with emotion before hanging up.

...? What's with the sudden emotion...?

Maybe it's time to go to bed as well...

- Advent: Sacred Ground - Chapter 5 - Shattered Perceptions

- DAY 6 - Tomoki's Home - 4:11 AM -

I wake up to a phone call... Who the hell would call me at 4 in the morning...?

"...Fujishima." I say groggily.
"I'm sorry I woke you up..." A familiar voice answers.
"No, that's fine... But I have to ask... Who is this?"
"I'm Chihaya Kisaragi, the one who requested your protection." No wonder the voice sounded so familiar.
"But... Why me...?"
"Because I know you've just awakened to your Aura. I was hoping you could help me and my colleagues awaken to Aura as well... Due to this, we're all at risk of being kidnapped by the Slant Control Tower troops."
"Your colleagues...?"
"What I meant to say, was all the idols currently hired by 765 Productions."
"Say no more. When can we meet?"
"This morning, 8:30, at the Strike Cafe. You might have to cancel your plans for today. Our meeting might take all day."
"Okay. I'll let my friend know."
"Bring her with you. We'll need all the help we can get. Good bye, Tomoki." Chihaya hangs up.

I need to get ready... In a couple of hours. I set my alarm to 6:30, and fell back asleep.

- 6:30 AM -

I wake up to "Kosmos, Cosmos" with Yukiho singing. I decide to call Serene and tell her our situation.

"...And she wants us at the Strike Cafe...?" Serene asks.
"I know, she's being weird about it. Maybe visiting her will clear up some questions."
"Anyway, come over. I'll see if I can awaken your Aura before our meeting."
"Alright... I'll get ready."

- 7:03 AM -

Serene arrived shortly after our conversation. She was showing a shirt saying '119' on it.

"What's with the number?" I ask.
"It's my family number. I also carry a pendant from my family heritage... I'm... pretty much the only one left..." Serene said with a sullen look on her face.
"What happened to them? If you don't mind me asking..."
"Not right now... We have an awakening to get to, right?"
"Right. Let's get to the back yard."

Serene lets out a rather large yawn and pulls out her history book.

"According to legend, the First Legacy would walk up to a person without Aura and places his hand on the subject's head. He would then activate his Aura and then channel the energy to the person, giving an Aura Heart to them. Then the person is now a member of Legacy." Serene explains.

But, would it be that easy...? I thought to myself.

I place a hand on Serene's head. She closes her eyes, her legs lock into place and let out a sigh. I think of 'Arcadia' and let Aura energy flow into my hand, and eventually, into Serene. She gasped and let out a tear.

"I'm okay! Just keep going!" She shouted out.

I let the energy continue flowing until the energy just... stopped. I let my hand stray away from Serene's soft head. She opened her eyes, releasing a blue flame from her left eye. She's now a Legacy.

"What song came up while I was awakening you?" I asked her.
"'Kosmos, Cosmos' by Yukiho Hagiwara. Kinda ironic as I was listening to that last night before I went to bed for the night... Thank you Tomoi!" She reached out to hug me.
"No problem, Serene... Think of that song when you want to activate your Aura."
"Okay. Let's get going."

After some more preparations, we depart to the Strike Cafe.

- Strike Cafe, Northern Slant - 8:25 AM -

I ordered a coffee for myself and a mocha for Serene. Then we made casual chat about the current times. Then, someone with a hood over her face walked into the cafe and made her way to our table.

- 8:30 AM -

- Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 6 - The Second Legacy -

- DAY 6 - Strike Cafe - 8:30 AM -

"Are you our guest...?" I ask the hooded girl. She simply nodded and signaled us to my car.
"I can't really unveil myself here, mainly because of the guards from the tower here, and let's not start with my fans..." The girl said. Serene remained quiet and looked down, as if she's desprately trying to stay awake.
"I want to head to a quiet place. Is there anywhere like that without risk of being watched?" The girl asked.
"My home isn't on the city's watch grid. I had the mayor remove the cameras after the Battle of the Maidens." I said.
"...! That was a terrible time."
"I'm not too proud of what I had to do, either. Those people were innocent. I should of just given the city my badge. But that meant losing my job, apartment, then..." I let out a sigh.

The Battle of the Maidens were the police force fighting some rebels calling themselves the 'Maidens' who are trying to cause nuclear meltdowns across Japan. Some of the Maidens are innocent civilians who are forced into serving the corrupt leaders... Now you know why I don't like talking about it. I did my job and got my house... Without it, I would probably be on the streets...

"I understand, Tomoki. Let's get going..." The girl said.
"No problem. Let's go, Serene."
"Sure, Tomoi." Serene said tiredly.

- 9:33 AM - Tomoki's Home -

"Okay, there are no cameras here, as pointed with the 'No trespassing allowed' sign. Even if the city wanted to plant cameras here, Code Blue would only raise questions to the people wanting the order. More often than not, the people wanting the cameras here would be arrested. I can turn on the TV if you want." I said.

"Sure, it should be alright." The girl removed her hood and showed a familiar face. She was in fact, Chihaya Kisaragi. I turned on my TV and it showed a music video of Rebecca Black... I sighed in disgust at the song. I changed the channel to show the news. I mainly liked the TRUE idols, not the wannabe idols.

"Okay, I needed to be alone so I could tell you about 765's situation." Chihaya started.
"Okay, go ahead. We're all ears." I said. Serene went into my guest room and went to sleep. I'll need to ask her about that when she wakes up.
"Well, at least I'm all ears." I said with a sheepish look...
"765 Production. All of their idols, including myself are at risk of being kidnapped by the Control Tower. I learned that the tower is actually the main building of Bio-Ske Pharmaceuticals. A notorious company mainly known for their human experimentation. I've also known that Aura is their next research project. The project is trying to evoke the Legacy Aura to people, mainly girls. According to legend, Legacy was mainly composed of mostly girls. What they don't know is that only the First Legacy, you, can awaken people to their Legacy Aura, which is another reason I wanted to be here. I was hoping I could bring the rest of the 765 idols over here and awaken them to their Aura. I was hoping that you can awaken me today to see if you're capable of awakening people to their Aura." Chihaya finished, and got herself a cup of water.
"Well, you're in luck. I just awakened Serene to her Aura shortly before our meeting at the Strike. But she's grown tired awfully fast, I'm afraid that awakening may have a negative effect on the body." I said sadly...
"According to legend, that's natrual. It only lasts a day, for the fatigue. I suggest awakening Aura at night." Chihaya said.

- 10:52 AM -

"Are you sure you want to go with this?" I asked.
"I'm okay with it. Just start." Chihaya said.

I put my hand on Chihaya's head, and started to focus my energy onto her. She let out a gasp, as if she wasn't expecting the pain, like Serene. I let the energy flow until I couldn't anymore.

"What song showed up while I was awakening you?" I asked.
"My image song, Me ga Au Toki."
"Whenever you want to use the Aura, think of that song. It'll evoke it."
"Okay... Ngh!" Chihaya shouted in pain. She shortly fell to the ground. She was grasping her chest and starting to cough up blood. I saw some sort of injection dart in her back.

"Are you okay!?" I asked suddenly, rushing to her side.
"How did... they... get me...?" Chihaya said before fainting.
"Damn it... Serene!" I was spiraling out of control. I rushed over to the guest room. She was sleeping, with blood running out of her mouth. I examined her neck and I found signs of injection.

"What the hell...!? How did this happen!?" I notice some muddy footprints near the front entrance. I ran outside and found a man getting into a black SUV. In a rage, I pulled out my handgun and aimed.

"STOP!" I shouted out, but the vehicle started to screech away. I fired my entire clip into it. Maybe Carla or the police force will notice the vehicle speeding by or something.

I ran to my car in a panic. I set it up so Chihaya and Serene can be ready to transport to the hospital. I grabbed Chihaya, covered her up so her fans wouldn't notice her in the condition that she's in. I put her in my car's back seat. I grabbed Serene from the guest bed and put her in the front seat. I started the car and I gunned it towards Trinity.

- 11:43 AM - Trinity Hospital - Emergency Room -

"How did this happen?" A doctor asked me.
"I saw that Chihaya, the long haired one, was coughing up blood, and I found this dart in her back. I went to check on Serene, the shorter haired one, and I found signs of injection on her neck. I figure it's the same stuff that Chihaya was hit with." I explained.
"Well, you got them in here just in time. Any longer and they would of been dead."
"You're not really helping much..." I said with a sheepish look.

I sat down in the waiting room. I kinda find myself responsible for this... I looked down and though about why this happened.

- Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 7 - Chihaya -

- DAY 6 - Trinity Hospital -

- Chihaya Kisaragi - STATUS: In emergency treatment -
- Serene Nakagawa - STATUS: In emergency treatment -

I sat down on a chair, looking down in despair. Why would someone attack Chihaya and Serene...? I decided to look at the evidence I've obtained before I transported Chihaya and Serene to Trinity. I took a closer look at the dart that was shot at Chihaya. There was a label that said 'Bio-Ske Pharmaceuticals'. So Chihaya wasn't kidding about them.

I decided to call Carla and tell her about what happened.

"...Why...?" Carla said with stucken down emotion.
"I don't know. I'm more worried about Chihaya and Serene, though..." I peer at the HUD elements showing Chihaya and Serene's vital signs. I notice that they're out of surgery, but their vital signs are fading... fast.

"What's going on...!?" I decided to look at the camera feed from the rooms that Chihaya and Serene are in. Something is being injected into them, by someone in a Bio-Ske employee outfit.

"Carla... Are there any other hospitals not associated with Bio-Ske?" I asked.
"Hmm... There seems to be an independant hospital a few kilometers away called Wings of Destiny Hospital. Tomoki, get them out of here... NOW." Carla sternly said.
"Roger that."

I ran over to the ICU, and stormed into the girls' room.

The employee was nowhere to be found, but Chihaya and Serene are still in their bed. Vomit is now flowing out of their mouths...

I picked them up and carried them to my car. I set Chihaya in the back with her mostly covered up to prevent fan attention. I placed Serene in the front again. I gunned it towards Wings of Destiny...

One thing's for damn sure: I'm not going to Trinity anymore.

Chihaya shortly woke up in agony. She groaned in severe pain, clutching her stomach.

"Don't worry. I'm taking you to Wings of Destiny Hospital. Hang in there." I calmly said to Chihaya.
"Why not Trinity? That's a shorter drive..."
"I already took you there. It turns out that Trinity is a front for Bio-Ske. One of their employees injected you with something that made you vomit or something."
"..." Chihaya looked down for a few seconds before resting her head on the seat.

- Wings of Destiny Hospital - Northeast corner of Slant - 5:24 PM -

"So that's what happened...?" A local doctor asked me.
"Yes. I need for them to be better as soon as possible." I told him.
"I should get them back on their feet in a little as a day or two. Just sit with them to comfort them, okay?"
"No problem."

- Room 342 - 8:50 PM -

"Tomoi-san... Are you sure it was Bio-Ske?" Serene asked.
"I'm sure of it. The dart that they shot Chihaya with was labeled from Bio-Ske." I said.
"But how did they find us?" Chihaya asked.
"Must of tailed us from the cafe."
"Why are they after us now...?" Serene asked.
"It must have something to do with the Legacy Aura." I guessed.
"Anyway, go home, and get some sleep. You don't have to worry about us." Chihaya said.
"No. I don't really trust you with being alone. I'm standing guard." I said sternly.
"Don't overdo it, Tomoi-sama..." Serene said with severe concern.
"I'm going to sleep here, anyway. I suggest doing the same, as well..." I said before closing my eyes, and falling into a deep sleep.

It's gonna be a long day for us tomorrow...

- Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 8 - Freelance Doctor -

- DAY 7 - 3:11 AM - Wings of Destiny Hospital -

"I...you...wa...up..." Someone was urging me to wake up.
"Uh... Let me sleep more." I mumbled, half-asleep.
"I need you, Tomoki! Now wake up!" All of a sudden, I felt a rush of something really cold. I stumbled a little bit, but I was awake now. I looked at the person in question and found that it was Carla.

"Okay, you got me up...! What did you splash me with!?" She could of slapped me, that would have been just as effective.
"Cold water. This came in from the office." She handed me a slip of paper.
"We have been ordered to stay away from the Bio-Ske tower on mayor's demand." Carla explained to me.
"Why, does he have something to hide there?" I asked.
"He didn't say. All he said was that there's nothing worth throwing your life away for."

That didn't make any sense. Is the mayor working alongside Bio-Ske...!?

"Why...!?" I asked myself.
"I don't know, but we need to find answers in the Bio-Ske Tower."
"Maybe some of those girls that have been kidnapped, as well." I said.

Since I still have 4 days of my medical leave left, I figured now was the best time to get to the tower and figure out an assault plan.

"I would suggest bringing Chihaya back to your place, and set up some security system as well. I heard you set one up." Carla said.
"I do, but I usually never use it. Until recently, against Sohara."
"I would suggest turning it on at all times. You never know when Bio-Ske will attack again. I'm heading back home, so try to get some rest." Carla left the room.

I decided to start on my tower assault plans. I went to the parking lot to grab my laptop from my car. I headed back to the room, and plugged it in. I started getting every bit of info on the tower that I could. Since we were in the minor care area, internet use was allowed. The info I found was pretty much non-existent. I only found a floor plan for the first Security Level from an underground source. Other than that, it's classified information.

I'm a very honest person, so I don't really looking to underground sources to get the information I want. That's how I was, and it almost got me and a very close friend killed. I was looking for a way to make some money by grabbing some high-tech gear to sell at the pawn shop. According to the source, it was in an abandoned building, on the highest floor. Little did I know, the place was a hideout for a local gang. Once we entered, the gang was waiting in ambush. They didn't even hesitate, they instantly opened fired. I was lucky I brought a pistol for just this situation. My friend Hal was lucky to get out of the struggle alive, I was lucky to be found by Carla. We shortly became friends after that. Carla realized what I did for a living and suggested turning to the other side of the law. After training, we were patrol officers for around 3 years before being promoted to Detective. I haven't turned back since. Until today, that is.

- 6:54 AM -

Chihaya shortly woke up after I finished my search. I was watching anime when she woke up.

"Good morning, Tomoki-san." Chihaya said.
"Oh. Morning, Chihaya-chan."
"Are you planning something? I heard a discussion while I was asleep."
"Yeah, an assault to the Bio-Ske tower. But I can't find any information I could use to my advantage..."
"I do have reliable sources who can help you."
"Really? I thought Iori would be the one with connections."
"She's not the only one. Many of my family members works for the Japanese Government. They've had their eye on Bio-Ske and saw that I was the most likely to get close."
"There's another reason why Bio-Ske would attack you."
"No, Bio-Ske knows nothing about this. Miki says that her father works for the Government as well. She can give you some help if you need it. But don't count on her much. She's really lazy and will probably forget to give you vital information. So you should rely on me."
"Hmmm. Well, your method of info gathering is much more efficient and legal than looking online for info that's not even trustworthy."
Chihaya chuckled. "Using an underground source is a large no-no for a spy. Bio-Ske can track your online movements, as well."
"Well, when you're ready, tell me. I'm ready to meet the 765 idols when you are."
"Well, Serene is still asleep, so we'll wait until she wakes up." Chihaya glanced at Serene.

- 7:42 AM -

"Yaaaaaaawn." Serene stretched out and let out a huge yawn.
"I feel so much better, now. Thanks for taking me out here, Tomoi-san." Serene smiled and stared at me with sparkles in her eyes.

Why did Serene give me a nickname this quickly in our friendship? Maybe I should give her a nickname. But what to go with...

"Good morning... Uh..." I stalled...
"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Serene chuckled.
"Uh... Naki-chan...?" I came up with that at the top of my head.
"Aww, that name is so adorable for me! Thank you, Tomoi-san!" Serene came up to hug me.
"Shall we...?" Chihaya asked.

- 11:21 AM - 765 Productions Building - Tokyo, Japan -

"Here it is, my home away from home." Chihaya said.
"Real interesting place." I said in awe.
"Yeah, no kidding. I thought you shared a building somewhere." Serene said.
"We used to, but Ritsuko found a better office for us. A nice place, better than the other place." Chihaya explained.
"Well, what are we waiting for?" Serene asked.

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 9 - Hidden Intent

- DAY 7 - 11:22 AM - 765 Productions Building - Tokyo, Japan -

"Our place used to be a really small office with a kitchen," Chihaya started explaining.
"Ritsuko decided with so many people in the office, she figured that we needed a larger workspace. She found the perfect place just outside of downtown Tokyo, so it's really quiet here."
"Yeah, a quiet workplace is a better workplace." I said.
"Yeah, no kidding. I usually go to my library to study and do homework. My roommates were always loud." Serene said.
"It's always chaos in the police station." I said, looking back to my times on office duty.

"Since moving to this building, everyone has gotten a lot quieter, even the Futami twins." Chihaya said, pulling out a key. She handed it to me.
"This is your only way into the office until 765 staff registers you as a producer." Chihaya said.
"Okay." I said as I took the key.
"Let's head inside. I'm getting tired of standing here." Serene said with patience.

- Inside building - Office 129 - Junjirou Takagi's Office -

"So, he's the First Legacy." Takagi said in astonishment.
"Yes, sir. I'm here to accept your request for protection, and to awaken any idol here you produce." I said.
"Actually, it was Chihaya who asked for that, but I admire your attitude."

Someone entered the office. It was a green-haired girl with a mole right below her lip. She was wearing a green outfit with a yellow ribbon. Her nametag read as Kotori Otonashi.

"I'm leaving for my lunch break, Chief. Oh... Who's this?" Kotori questioned my presence.

"I'm Tomoki Fujishima, Officer 257 of the Slant Police Department. This here is Serene Nakagawa, student at Slant Academy." I introduced ourselves.
"I'm a fifth-year collage student. I'm trying to be a nurse at least."
"Very honorable jobs to have. I'm Kotori Otonashi, office clerk for 765 Productions. Should I introduce you to the other idols?" Kotori asked.
"That will be a great idea. I already know Chihaya, so that's one down." I said.
"Okay. You two follow me."
"Yes. Thank you, Takagi-senpai!" Serene said to Takagi before leaving.

- 11:41 AM - 3rd Floor Lounge -

"Okay everyone, settle down. We want you guys to introduce yourselves to Fujishima-san here." Kotori said.

A young woman in an office suit stood up first. She wore glasses and has her hair up.
"It's nice to meet you. My name is Ritsuko Akizuki. Ex-idol, now a Producer for 765."

A black-haired girl with it in a ponytail stood up next.
"I'm Hibiki Ganaha, ex-idol for 961 Productions. I came here after learning the truth about Takao Kuroi."

A silver-haired girl stood up next. She seemed a little old to be an idol.
"My name is Takane Shijou, ex-idol for 961. Since learning of Kuroi's dark ways, I also came to 765."

Two brown-haired girls with similar appearances stood up.
"Ami Futami!" Said the one with a pigtail on her right side.
"Mami Futami!" Said the one with a longer pigtail on her left side.
"What's up!?" They both said at the same time.

Another older woman stood up. She had short blue hair, and a very large chest.
"My name is Azusa Miura. I've been with 765 ever since finishing junior collage."

A brown-haired girl with two red ribbons in her hair stood up.
"My name is Haruka Amami. I'm the front for 765."

Another brown-haired girl with a stuffed rabbit in her arm stood up.
"I'm Iori Minase. 765 idol. I'm looking forward to working with you."

A black-haired girl with shorter hair than Hibiki's stood up.
"I'm Makoto Kikuchi! 765 idol."

An orange-haired girl stood up.
"Yayoi Takatsuki. Nice to meet you, Fujishima-san!"

A brown-haired girl with a bob-cut stood up. She looked really shy.
"Um... I'm Yukiho Hagiwara. I-It's nice to meet you..."

Lastly, a blonde girl was falling asleep. Her eyes were half-open. She let out a huge yawn.
"Afu. Miki Hoshii. Ninth-grade idol for 765... All done." She slumped back down to fall back asleep.

"Well, it'll be nice to work with you all. I'm proud to be offered this opportunity. My name is Tomoki Fujishima, officer 257 of the Slant Police Department." I said.

"Pleased to work with you!" Every idol, maybe except Yukiho and Miki shouted out loud.

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 10 - New Producer

- DAY 7 - 12:11 PM - 765 Productions Building - Tokyo, Japan -

I stayed in the lounge with Miki, who was still sleeping, Yukiho, who was a little brave trying to talk to me, Serene, who was right next to me, and Chihaya, who was sitting alone at the window.

"So, all of you are Auraless?" I asked in confusion to everyone, especially to Miki, because I already know that she has a Justice Aura.
"Th-that's true, Fujishima-san..." Yukiho said timidly...
"But what about Miki? I already know that she has a Justice Aura." I pointed at Miki, who was barely awake as it is.
"Afu. Yes, and no. I don't have an Aura. But I used artificial Aura to achieve that Justice Aura. My parents gave a Aura Tank to me for my birthday to further my appearance during shows." Miki tiredly said.
"Have you seen her Aura skills, Tomoi? They're something else!" Serene said excitedly.

Chihaya was looking at the light blue flame in her hands. She wasn't paying attention.

Looking at the flame, it reminded me of what I had to do today: Awaken every idol to their potential. I decided to start with the two idols in the room with me right now, Yukiho and Miki. I shifted my view on Yukiho, who was a little too shy to even attempt it right now. I decided that Miki was my best bet for now.

"Miki..." I said to her, who was sleeping now.
"Miki." I said again to no avail.
"C'mon, Miki! Get up!" I shook her awake.
"Whaaaaat? I'm up now. No need to be so rough." Miki said irritated.
"I want to awaken you now. Once I'm finished with that, you can go back to sleep. Do we have a deal?" I said.
"Sure..." Miki said with a blank look in her eyes.
"Alright... Close your eyes, and don't you DARE trying to fall asleep on me." I placed my hand on Miki's head. I let loose my Aura. Blue light surrounded us both, just like with Naki and Chihaya.
Miki gasped, as if not expecting the rush of energy going through her.

Once the energy finished transferring, I let my hand release from Miki's head.

"What song played while I was awakening you?" I asked Miki, who, strangely, was wide awake now.
"Relations. Why do I feel so awake? This never happened to me before!" Miki said in shock.
"Okay, think of that song when you want to release Aura and use it."

I then looked over to Yukiho, who was less nervous than before.

"Are you ready, Yukiho-san?" I asked Yukiho.
"Y-yes, Fujishima-san." She nervously answered.
"Okay, and please, call me Tomoki."
"Alright, Tomoki-san." Yukiho walked closer to me.

Yukiho closed her eyes and started to blush. I put my hand on her head and started to release Aura energy into her.

She gasped as expected, but due to her nervousness, she started to move, trying to get away from my hand.

I held onto her. "I'm sorry, Yukiho, but in order to fully awaken you, I need to do this, if I let go early, there might be severe damage to you." I pleaded to her to stay still at least until my energy stopped flowing through her.

"O-okay..." She said as she stood still for me.

The energy finally finished transferring as I let my hand stray from Yukiho, who was still blushing.

"What song played?" I asked her.
"Kosmos, Cosmos." She said.
"Okay, you can go." I said as I sat down next to Naki. Yukiho quickly left the lounge. I noticed Chihaya, looking out the window now.

"Is there anything wrong, Chihaya?" I asked.
"Oh? Oh, it's nothing..." Chihaya looked as if she was about to cry.
"..." I silently looked at her for a little bit. It make me wonder if she's going through anything that would be dangerous for my mission.

"Leave her be, Tomoi." Serene said to me.
"Besides, you have other idols to awaken. Don't forget that. Should I bring some over?" Naki asked.
"Yes. Bring Haruka, Takane, Hibiki, and the twins over here." I requested.
"Consider it done, Tomoi." Serene walked out of the room.

I sat there and started to worry about Chihaya...
Can I really help her...?

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 11 - New Talents

- DAY 7 - 12:46 PM - 765 Productions Building - Tokyo, Japan -

"Haruka, he's ready for you now." I heard Serene say to Haruka, who was waiting patiently for her awakening. She walked over casually until...

"Ah, thank for doing thi--!!" She fell over and landed on her rear end.
"Ouch..." She said in pain.
"Jeez, are you okay!?" I asked the lead idol.
"Yeah, it's nothing. I'm really clumsy, so that happens a lot!" Haruka said with a straight face.

"Alright..." I walked over to the idol.
"This might feel intense for you. But I need you to be brave for me, okay Haruka?"
"Yes sir..." Haruka said.
"Let's begin." I placed my hand on Haruka's head, and released some of my energy. As expected, she tensed up at the energy being released and awakening within her.

Once the energy stopped, my hand left Haruka's head.

"While awakening you, a song played in your mind. What was it?" I asked Haruka.
"I Want. My image song." The idol smiled in delight.
"Alright, think of that song whenever you want to use it..." I said, starting to strangely feel faint.

I could barely hear what Haruka next said to me. She walked off to the window next to Chihaya.

"Ugh... What the hell...?" I put my hand on my forehead, starting to feel fatigue.
"What's up, Tomoi?" Serene came over to my side and started to support me.
"Looks like you're undergoing Aura Overstress." She quickly diagnosed me.
"What's that...?" I asked the blue-haired nurse-in-training.
"It's where you overwork your Aura to the point of feeling faint, or even passing out. It's extremely dangerous to someone who's new to Aura usage, like us. You have to be wise with usage, because if you overdo it, you might just lose the ability to control it." Serene said to me sternly.
"For now, I recommend that you rest for a little while until you can get over your fatigue." Serene laid me down on the couch across from the one Miki was sleeping on. Seeing me in her wide-awake state made her a little drowsy and started to sleep on her couch.

I decided to listen to some music while resting.

"Naki. Can you tell the others that I can't awaken them right now? I'm going to take a nap..." I asked Serene.
"You can count on me, Tomoi." Serene smiled before walking off.

I quickly fell asleep with 'Arcadia' playing...

Advent - Sacred Ground - Chapter 12 - Stressed
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